Sonic World is 3D Sonic Fan game based off Blitz Sonic engine and it's still in-development,Released first time by "Ozcrash" with some help from "Nibroc.Rock","3DSawnikku" and "Syphyous" for Sonic Amateur Games Expo of 2014, And was the most loved Sonic Fan game for 2014 .

Features Edit

  • Over 20 Playable characters, Including some not seen in years.
  • Different levels.
  • Different mission types.
  • Detailed and animated menu, With different themes.
  • Chao garden.
  • Victory poses.
  • New camera lockers.
  • New water physics
  • Automated Console-like Cam rotation.
  • Visual upgrades.
  • Sonic 3/Heroes like Partner settings.
  • Sonic 3 Shields.
  • Unlockable characters.
  • Quake-like key binding system.
  • Super transformations.
  • Unique skills for each character.
  • Lots of new objects inspired from Multiple sonic games.

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