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Sonic Fire: Super Sonic Confirmed is a modification for Sonic World Released for PC Windows after the Release of Sonic World R3 by HydraTeamStrong and featured 12 Different stages and new models for each character,Unlike Sonic World R3 which wasn't Moddable SF:SSC contents were not Hard coded to allow players easily modify game contents like Models,Interface.

Stages PCEdit

  • Chun-Nan
  • Cool Edge Night - Dream World
  • Frozen Factory
  • Final Rush
  • Kingdom Valley (Lagged)
  • Love Garden
  • Seaside Hill
  • Silver's Nighttown
  • Spagonia
  • Submarine City
  • Terminal Velocity (Lagged)
  • Test Stage
  • Tokyo Street
  • Windy Hill


Version 1.01Edit

The Game will be having custom items and new textures for super forms. The Character Animations often changed to Sonic World R4. This makes the game more enjoyable

There will be 2 more stages to this update

If you like the season Autumn then these stage texture packs would go perfect. Every Character will be in their Super-form. The Character will have a fire texture to their eyes. DOWNLOAD COMING SOON. The Fire Flower Object will Replace Red Rings in this Version


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