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The Genesis Redux project (abbreviated as "GRP") is a modification of the Blitz Sonic project. Sonickidnextgen/Sonickidnextgenesis has been "casually" working on the Genesis Redux project since February 2011. The Next Genesis Engine was another adaptation by Sonickidnextgenesis, but it was canceled in October of 2010.

This engine was the first engine focusing on Multiplayer side to make it stable, However development was mysteriously frozen after the Release of Version 1.0.1

Features Edit

  • 2 Playable characters.
  • New skills for each character.
  • Full support for Custom characters and Stages.
  • Sonic 3 Shields (Bubble,Fire and Electric).
  • Few visual Improvement.
  • New type of falling platforms.
  • Improved water Physics.
  • Damage recieving system.
  • Over 12 New objects.
  • Custom Model for each object loaded.
  • Working Checkpoints.
  • Working Goal.
  • Better menus.
  • Super Transformation.
  • Teleports.

Multiplayer Features Edit

So far none of the Blitz Sonic based games or engines released had a good Multiplayer side like Genesis Redux Project  :

  • 4 Players support
  • Internet/LAN Multiplayer
  • Full gamestate synch (Objects,Positions ..etc)
  • Full stage synch
  • Working in-game chat
  • Server commands
  • Server informations
Genesis Redux Project Screenshot - 02

External Links Edit

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