The Next Step-by-step guide will teach you how do you make your own Blitz Sonic stage,The Vanilla engine supports 2 useful Filetypes for models (3ds,b3d) which can be used as a gameworld, before we start we need few tools .

Required tools Edit

Instructions Edit

  1. First thing we need to do is to design The level layout,use the 3D Designing software you want to do so
  2. Once you finish designing the level layout,Export it as "B3D" or "3DS"
  3. Now put every file you saved (Models and Textures) in one folder "This is going to be the stage folder"
  4. Download the Basic Stage.xml and move it to the stage folder .
  5. Download the Basic Sky Model and move it to the stage folder .
  6. Now open the "Stage.xml" using Notepad and find "<information>" section
  7. Find "<skybox>Stage/Sky.b3d</skybox>" and Replace "Stage/Sky.b3d" with "Sky.b3d",You can also Retexture the Sky model .
  8. Find "<water on="1" level="-250" />" this line defines if or Where the water should be,if "water on" is set to "0" The water will be disabled in the stage and if it's set to "1" Water will be enabled.
  9. Find "<animmesh filename="Stage/Stagei1.b3d" visible="1" collision="1" def="1">" and Replace "Stage/Stagei1.b3d" with the Filename of the Stage's Model (Don't forget to write the filetype "Example : stage.3ds" ) and save the XML File
  • More Tips for Stage details found Here

Object Placement Edit

  1. Now open the Blitz Sonic LVL Editor and select the stage folder.
  2. Find the "Player" Object and move it to where you want the Player to spawn in the stage, You can only have 1 "Player" Object in each stage .
  3. Move arround the stage and Place the objects the way you want them to be (Only Spring,Ring and Monitor will work with vanilla Blitz Sonic )
  4. Once you finish The object Placement save the stage and exit the program